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Make a statement on your next special occasion with Divine Donuts

At Divine Donuts, we produce anywhere from 40 to 60 donut varieties each day - but that’s just the beginning. Let’s talk about Special Occasions…

Never thought of having exclusively handmade and decorated yeast and cake donuts for special occasions and holidays? Well, you’re missing out! In the short 5 months since we opened, our staff has catered to weddings (while assisting with donut walls), bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, sporting events and many office gatherings/business meetings. Yes, all those events are perfect for donuts! Check these out:

The Birthday Donut


A frequent request at the shop is the popular ‘Birthday Donut’, which a two tiered, 6 inch yeast donut with your choice of toppings as well as customizable colors/décor on the bottom (with or without a personalized written message). The top layer can be selected from your choice of chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, blueberry, or other seasonally available cake flavors and is also decorated according to your specifications.


Holiday Donuts

When it comes to holidays, Divine Donuts certainly has a festive flair. Whether its Valentine’s Day personalized letter donuts and heart-shaped donuts, St. Patrick’s Day packzis, Easter bunnies and eggs, Halloween pumpkins and fall décor, or Christmas wreaths and peppermints, Divine Donuts has the treats for you!


These do take some time to create, so we need you to pre-order these custom creations at least 48hrs in advance. For large orders of 15+ dozen and/or distinctive orders that may require items that need to be specially ordered, we prefer a minimum of 5 days notice.

“Donut’ forget to call us at (239) 672-8390 

we’d love to work with you on a  creative order for your next special occasion

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