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Divine Donuts: The Story

Divine Donuts is a local, family-owned business serving 200+ yeast and cake donut varieties, delicious breakfast items, specialty coffees, and select beverages. Mitchelle and Eddie Nobles had a similar successful partnership business on the east coast of Florida. After selling that venture and being persuaded by friends that the west coast was lacking in the specialty donut business, the Nobles relocated from Palm Beach County last summer with their two daughters to bring this unique and delectable donut shop to Lee County.

The Nobles and their daughters are actively involved in making

Divine Donuts a success story. Eddie Nobles provides hands-on

training to all baking and decorating employees, while Mitchelle

Nobles oversees the hiring, marketing, and training of counter

staff to ensure excellence in customer service to go along with

the delectable donuts they make.


Their oldest daughter, Caitlyn, works as, and trains newly hired

Counters Specialists on the weekends and her days off from

high school. Their younger daughter, Hailey, assists with creativity and decorating of the donuts on her days off from middle school.


Divine Donuts signed its lease agreement in June of 2018 at South Pointe Plaza. They chose that particular location based on its proximity and convenience for

both, Fort Myers and Cape Coral residents. The shop officially opened for business in late November of 2018.

At Divine Donuts, each donut is handmade and decorated every morning. Divine Donuts offers a wide variety of flavors ranging from the classic Boston Cream to the rainbow-colored Fruity Pebble donut, but you have to get there early because these unique and tasty flavors come and go quickly!

After the donuts are prepped, the Counter Specialist(s) arrives at approximately

5:30am to put these donuts on display and brew freshly ground coffee.

The store is located at 9131 College Pkwy #145 in Fort Myers, FL and is open 7 days a week at 6am until 2pm or sold out. As an added convenience, Divine Donuts always accepts pre-orders by phone during business hours to ensure that its customers aren’t leaving disappointed.

It is also preferred that pre-orders are called in at least 24 hours prior; they must be a minimum of $10 and prepaid.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts… and that’s kind of the same thing.”

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